Versatile graphic designer working at the intersection of print, space, and object. Keen on using design to create joyful moments through explorations in the everyday. Please pardon the disarray, like myself, my website is a work in progress.

I am a graphic designer interested in creating visual solutions for the everyday. I combine my training in traditional graphic design across multiple disciplines which has expanded my work to include object design, fabrication, environmental signage, and other interdisciplinary projects. I find a varied field of exploration indispensable for the ability to execute a project to any medium it may naturally lead. Through research and experimentation, I seek what is essential to create a holistic approach to clearly communicate and interact with our environment.

In Progress: A typeface based on a trip to Europe, a brand refresh, and a new look for a creative copywriter and emerging podcaster. Currently reading "Yoga in the Morning, Martini at Night or the First Three-Score and Ten Are the Hardest" by Carol Lehman Winfield.